Happy New Year everyone!

Things are going great here at WaterScapes.  We had a big year in 2010 with great response from our guest about our Sustainable foods program here and were recognised for it with the Sustainable Seafood Intuitive being selected as a Platinum Parter and the Sante for an award in Sustainable Foods!

We have a lot coming up this year and I know it will be our best yet!

As some of  you know the Grouper season has closed and will re open in the Spring WaterScapes always has a great selection of under utilized fish that have great flavor, texture and will defiantly surprise you when you try them.  Bellow are some of the fish I got from Wayne at Kenyon today!  Come in and try some!!

These are huge White Grunts!

A nice Jolthead Porgy!

Some Banded Rudderfish!

And our Favorite Trigger…


So last night we went to Scott Thompson’s Farm in Bucksport SC for a Farm to Table Dinner for Coastal Uncorked.  I was one of 6 Chefs and we did a 4 course menu I was paired up with Chef Andrew from the Sea Capt. House but we plated up and cooked right in a Corn Field it was fun!

Just look at the tail!  White Shrimp also have longer antennae which is the long string in the front of their head

White Shrimp here are just kicking off So go out and get some.

If you are working directly with a Shrimper ask he/she if they will save you some Squid because chances are they are throwing it back because it is a By-Catch from the nets.  I got these today from Livingston’s and they are really good.

I got some more Lion Fish today and if you don’t know about the Lion Fish and the importance of them in our ecosystem then look at the Video.  They are an invasive species that needs to be eradicated but that will be easier said then done.  These fish reproduce like crazy and they are not easy to catch.  Further more they are extremely venomous and fisherman a lot times don’t want to take the risk of having them on board.  I got several of them and will have them on the menu this weekend.

Last Sunday I was invited to a dinner with some fellow chef’s on Dewees Island that is located just North of Isle of Palms SC.  I have always wanted to go on the island and see the interior of it and the Beach.  I have been on the inlet side of the beach before fishing but never a tour of the island.  The dinner was for the Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SSI) and the other two chefs were my buddy Kurt from Divine Group that is here in Myrtle Beach and the other chef was Drew Hedlund from Fleets landing in Charleston.  We had a great time and cooked some good food it was a great way to spend a Sunday. 


Plating Drews Dish: Tiggerfish with Corn Pudding

This is all of us coming back on the Ferry thats Megan in the blue.

This was the dining room.Kurts without the Soft ShellChef Drew and Chef Kurt cleaning Soft Shells.

My Dish: Jolt Head Porgy with Spring Vegetables, Corn Emulsion & Ramp Froth