Happy New Year everyone!

Things are going great here at WaterScapes.  We had a big year in 2010 with great response from our guest about our Sustainable foods program here and were recognised for it with the Sustainable Seafood Intuitive being selected as a Platinum Parter and the Sante for an award in Sustainable Foods!

We have a lot coming up this year and I know it will be our best yet!

As some of  you know the Grouper season has closed and will re open in the Spring WaterScapes always has a great selection of under utilized fish that have great flavor, texture and will defiantly surprise you when you try them.  Bellow are some of the fish I got from Wayne at Kenyon today!  Come in and try some!!

These are huge White Grunts!

A nice Jolthead Porgy!

Some Banded Rudderfish!

And our Favorite Trigger…