Born – April 6th, 1971 in Wilmington NC

Live -Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Family – Married Marcey in 1997 and we have two daughters Madison who is 8 and Paige is 2.

Favorite Foods – Oysters- Raw,Roasted, Steamed or Fried, Barbecue( Whole Hog- Vinegar Based Sauce), Fried Chicken, Almost all Fish ( No Sword or Marlin), Chorizo Tacos, Dim Sum and Corn Bread

Favorite Places in Eat  – Duke’s BBQ in Orangeburg SC, Carrie’s in Plantersville SC, Casamento’s New Orleans La., Mother’s New Orleans La., Martini House St. Helena CA, Taylor’a Automatic Refresher St. Helena CA, Melvin’s Elizabethtown NC, Saltworks Wilmington NC, Jaleo Washington DC, Mark’s Duck House Falls Church VA

When I am not at Work  I – Hunt – (Ducks, Deer, Turkey, Quail ) Fish- (Fresh or Saltwater and I prefer to catch fish on my fly rod) Work in the Garden in the Spring, Summer & Fall, Hang out and spend time with my daughters doing all the these things.

If you have any questions about the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, WaterScapes Restaurant or myself feel free to e-mail me at james.clark@grande-dunes.com


20 Responses to “About Chef James Clark”

  1. Katie Saad Says:

    We will arrive at the Marina Inn late June and are very excited to visit Waterscapes. My husband is from SC and I am from Louisiana. Fish is also my favorite, though I have never tasted Trigger or Strawberry Grouper. It sounds like we will need to eat there more than once!
    Looking forward to it….

    1. Jim Begg Says:

      We are coming to the hotel in July for a family vacation and looking forward to it. My wife has celiac disease – I am sure that you can accomodate –

      Just wanted to reach out and let you know – is there anything we need to do before hand?

      Thanks and keep up the good work – I am getting hungry just thinking about the food.

      We will be there July 11 – 16, 2009

      The Begg Family – Jim, Cindy, James, Emma and Hannah

      1. marinainn Says:

        Jim no worries I look forward to seeing you here at the Marina Inn I hope you have a safe trip.

        Chef James

  2. Chef James Says:


    I will look forward to seeing you at WaterScapes this weekend and thank you for reading the blog.

    Chef James

  3. Patti Hauffe Says:

    Nice Blog Chef James!!!

    Patti xoxo

  4. Ann Shipman Says:

    Steve and I LOVED your oysters with the country ham reduction….maybe you’ll share that recipe soon!!!!

  5. Cindy Crosthwaite Forti Says:

    Chef James,

    I wanted to thank you again for an incredible Wedding Reception last month at Waterscapes. The food was amazing. My guests were blown away and still raving about the Crabcakes and Fennel Soup…You are amazing, and I thank you again.

  6. Sean Brady Says:

    Chef Clark,
    This may seem a little weird but I could not find a direct email for you. I am an aspiring chef and I hope to go to culinary school in the fall. I am looking at Johnson and Wales in Charlotte and the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. The CIA requires six months of hands on experience in a kitchen where 50% of the food is prepared on premises. Unfortunately, due to it being the off season and the state of the national economy finding a position anywhere. Would there be any chance for me to work in your kitchen? I know that not having experience would probably keep me off of the line but I am willing to do anything from chopping vegetables to scrubbing dishes so long as I could get my foot in the door. If you would like to meet with me my email is Flick750@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Kris Says:


    I was at the Marina Inn just last weekend and your food was spectacular! I would love to have the recipe for your biscuits with andouille sausage gravy. It’s absolutely to die for!

    Thanks for everything and we will be back soon!


    1. marinainn Says:


      Thank you for your kind words. Please e-mail me at James.Clark@Grand-Dunes.com and I will shoot it over to you.

      Have a great day,

      Chef James

  8. tommy chandler Says:

    Cool to see Melvins in your list of places to eat. My uncle and g-ma lived in Elizabethtown when I was young and I grew up going to Melvins. Still be best hamburger anywhere.

  9. Kevin Brown Says:

    James I saw that one of your fav places to eat in St Helena Ca is Taylors…love it too. We are going to road trip the Carolina’s next summer I hope to swing thru.


  10. Nancy Pehr Says:

    We thought your Parmesan Seared Romaine Salad was the best salad we ever ate! Any chance you would part with the recipe?

  11. Dale Riley Says:

    Really educational blog.
    Keep sharing.

  12. Dale Riley Says:

    Enjoy your blog.


  13. Dale Riley Says:

    Keep writing and sharing.

  14. Bill Trotter Says:

    If you think Jamie’s cooking is good at the restaurant, you should try his low county boil or pork shoulder at Arrowhatchee Farm during the blast & cast competition. Unfortunately, he can not shoot a shotgun nearly as well as he cooks! Looking forward this years event and his creative culinary surprises…

  15. Nancy DeMartini Bailey Says:

    Greetings to you and Marcey from your maid of honor. I happened to notice the post you got on the most recent NECI News. I’m now R&D Chef for Del Monaco Specialty Foods. If you can, give a shout on the e-mail provided. I’d love to catch up.


  16. kevin b Says:

    u look so much happier JC!

  17. Kym Says:

    Hi Chef James!
    I had dinner last night with my friends and a special guest, Peggy Post. Peggy was here for her book signing at Peaches and Cream. We also did the bridal show yesterday where Peggy spoke with Peaches and Cream brides about invitations and more.
    She enjoyed her Duck and I enjoyed the Bistro Steak. All the ladies were delighted when the Cotton Candy came out! I figured that was your touch!
    Kym Beckham

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